Delays expected for Breville, Kambrook and Philips parts


This Blog entry has an update here.

Initial delay

Last month Breville informed us that there would be delays on our spare parts order for Breville, Kambrook and Philips parts due to a software upgrade in Australia.

Breville expected this to to impact spare part deliveries in to New Zealand from approximately March 25 until April 13th.

Updated delay

Late last week Breville updated on progress of the software integration:

“Regrettably I must inform you that there are “significant teething issues” associated with the implementation of our Australian colleagues new computer system. So much so they have indicated that the resumption to any spare parts processing is unlikely until early May at the earliest.”

It is difficult for us to know whether the stock availability that we have quoted is accurate. Once the integration is complete Australia will likely fulfil their domestic orders first before sending out New Zealand orders. In a small number of case’s it is possible that your product may be put on back order.

Who is affected?


All customer orders for Breville, Kambrook, or Philips spare parts held in Australia (not held by Need A Part in Auckland) placed after March 20.


All Breville, Kambrook, or Philips Product enquiries after March 20.

Product notification delays

All Breville, Kambrook, or Philips products currently listed as out of stock.

What are we doing about it?

Unfortunately there is not much more that we can do except wait for more information and hope that the integration is complete by early May. Once we have an further updates we will pass on the information to you.

My sincerest apologies for the unexpected delay. It is frustrating for all parties involved. Please be patient and don’t hesitant to contact us if you need our help.

Jared Tasker

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