Moustache-o-Matic is back!


Back in 2012 Jared and I decided to do Movember, despite possessing absolutely no moustache-growing abilities.

We were never going to get much support with our pitiful moustaches, so we decided to create the Moustache-o-Matic.

It’s a little web app that hooks into your webcam and uses facial recognition to stick a moustache on your face.

It was pretty popular last time around, and we’ve decided to re-launch it now that the technology works on mobile devices (sorry iOS users, only Chrome/Firefox for Android at this stage).

We invite you to get stuck in at If you can’t take a picture, you’ll at least want to browse the gallery.

Here are some of my favourites from last time…

Moustache on a cat

Moustache on a baby

Best use of props

Best costume

Most moustaches in one family

Most moustaches in one photo

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