Registration on ecommerce sites: a thing of the past?


This week we hit 3000 registered customers. You don’t have to register to buy from Need A Part, so we’re pretty stoked with that figure.

Evidently, 3000 people like us enough to make an account. Presumably they think they will use us again in the future. This is good.

…or is it?

Looking at our sales data, we can see 2846 unique registered customers. That means 154 registered customers have never actually made a purchase.

Why would you bother registering if you weren’t going to buy something? PerhapsĀ people assume you have to register.

Of those 2846 registered customers, 1135 registered before making a purchase.

Yup. People think you have to register.

38% of our registered customers registered before making a purchase.

9% of all sales were made by people who registered before making a purchase.

In light of this, we’ll definitely be reviewing our checkout process. Currently, it looks like this:



However, I suspect it’s not completely our fault. There was a time when ecommerce sites forced you to register, but that hardly ever happens these days.

Perhaps there’s still a lingering fear that a website is going to make you register, so you might as well get it over with. Or maybe some people just think that’s how the internet works.

What was the last website you visited that made you register unnecessarily? Did you go ahead with your purchase?

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