Would you trust a web store operating from a bedroom?


I was browsing through some images on my computer and found pictures of the old Need A Part storeroom…. my bedroom. It was something that Andy and I often asked ourselves:

“Would our customers trust us if they knew we were operating out of my bedroom?”

I know that I have often wondered that when purchasing online and even more so when people began to buy items off of us.

When I started Need A Part I didn’t even hold any stock. I ordered everything as a one-off item as the customer needed it, and slowly the stock just built up until I had a small warehouse inside my bedroom. Luckily I had great flatmates that let me rent out the big room, otherwise the growth of Need A Part would have been seriously stunted.

The internet is constantly reshaping the way that we interact with each other, buy things and entertain ourselves. I suppose it is not that surprising that many websites do operate or begin life in bedrooms or home offices around the world. What do you think? Is your level of trust in a website based on an assumption that they are a “real business” operating out of an office building or the likes?

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