Are you guilty of vacuum owners neglect?


When I worked as an appliance technician in Upper Hutt, I was constantly surprised by customers who were disappointed in their appliance’s performance. In most cases it was quite clear to me that they had not performed simple maintenance.

Vacuums were by far the biggest victim of owners neglect. So here a some pointers to prolong and increase the quality of your vacuum cleaners life:

Firstly be careful what you suck up with your vacuum. Using you vacuum outside is probably not the best idea… and trust me it happens. Gib dust is like anthrax for vacuums, and hair pins often get caught in the hose or pipe and cause blockages.

Replace your bags regularly. Most vacuum bags will last the average 3 bedroom house up to 4 cleans. As soon as you notice that it is losing suction the bag should be changed. NEVER empty and reuse your vacuum bags, they are the first filter of the vacuum and even when trash has been removed the bag is still clogged with the finer particles which will put strain on the motor.

If you have a bagless vacuum, every time you empty the trash from it clean the dust canister and filter with a brush.

Check all of your filters regularly and if they are discoloured replace them.
Every couple of months I remove all the filters and bags from the vacuum and turn the machine on for 30 seconds to clear any dust that has made its way in to the motor cavity. Doing this regularly reduces the chance of dust building up on the motor causing it to overheat and die.

And lastly, treat your vacuum every now and then to some Vacuum Air Freshener. Nobody likes a smelly vacuum cleaner and this is easy to solve with pods or sachets that are put into your bag or dust canister to let of a fresh scent while vacuuming.

When was the last time you changed your bags/filter?

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